Number One in Hispanic Market Research

Founded in 2001, Latin Facts Research is a leader in Hispanic market research. We conduct qualitative and quantitative research  in the heart of Los Angeles’s Latino communities . The demographic of the Hispanic population range from Un-acculturated, bi-cultured, to fully acculturated individuals. The LFR staff are native from Latin American countries. We are fully bi-lingual and highly experienced in Hispanic market research. Latin Facts Research fully understands the Hispanic culture and the people. LFR conducts Hispanic market research out of our two outstanding Los Angeles facilities; Panorama mall and the Sherman Oaks galleria. Our services include data collection for intercepts and pre-recruits, translation services, and field management across the US and in Latin America. We conduct consumer research for multiple topics and provide services from concept testing, food testing, to ethnographies. Latin Facts Research is known for providing superior facilities and client services. We welcome you to search our website to find products & services for Hispanic market research that will assist you in your Hispanic market research efforts. Latin Facts Research is part of Facts ‘n Figures Inc.

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# 1 in Intercepts
Superior Pre-recruits
 Unbeatable Field Management
  • Mall
  • In-store
  • Flea Market
  • Community
  • Focus Groups
  • CLT’s
  • Ethnographies
  • Taste Tests
  • Commercial Test Kitchen
  • Trustworthy
  • Accountable
  • Actionable
  • In Hispanic communities across the USA & Latin America