• Panorama Mall

  • Sherman Oaks        

Latin Facts Research is located in two ideal locations for conducting Hispanic research. Our mall location is in the heart of the Hispanic community in the Los Angeles suburb, Panorama City. This community is home to 65,766 residents. 70.1% are Hispanics originally from Mexico, South & Central America. Many of our respondents are un-acculturated or bi-cultured Hispanics. Our qualitative facility & commercial test kitchen is in Sherman Oaks, just minutes away from Panorama City.







The Panorama mall affords us the luxury of pre-recruiting and intercepting Hispanics to participate in research studies where it draws nearly 6.5 million visitors annually. The center’s major retailers include:  Wal-Mart, La Curacao, Forever 21, Foot Locker, Daniel’s Jeweler, GameStop, and McDonald’s.



  • Kitchen
  • Conference & Observation room
  • Private interviewing areasMother and Daughter Baking Together




The Sherman Oaks facility is host to many fortune 500 companies, such as P&G and General Mills. It is also the home to our parent company, Facts ‘n Figures, Inc. LFR conducts multiple qualitative studies each year for consumer products including food and beverage, healthcare, personal care products, Hispanic media, and politics.

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