Qualitative Research

Latin Facts works side by side with our clients to accomplish their research goals. Our contribution to the research efforts enables clients to gain insights to their customers that lead to better decision making. We always have our eye on the research target to recruit those that meet study criteria and will be articulate respondents. Market Research Services

World Eye



We recruit for:

  • Focus Groups
  • In-depth interviews
  • Usability Tests
  • Ethnographies

Our Sherman Oaks facility features a commercial test kitchen, large testing room, perfect for taste tests, gang surveys and large appliance studies. It also contains two focus group suites that can be tailored to suit your research needs; conference style or living room style. Click here for more information.

Quantitative Research





IMG_7282Situated minutes from downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood in the heart of Southern California’s populous San Fernando Valley, Latin Facts Research is located in the heart of the Hispanic community, Panorama City. The mall attracts 6.5 million visitors annually.

  • 74% HISPANIC (predominantly un-acculturated, and bi-cultured), 26% OTHER ETHNICITIES
  • AVERAGE AGE 33.7

Major Retailers: Wal-Mart, La Curacao, Forever 21, Foot Locker, Daniel’s Jeweler, GameStop, McDonald’s, Aeropostale, Subway, Domino’s Pizza, Foot Locker, Forever 21, Payless Shoesource, Pollo Campero, RadioShack, T-Mobile, Verizon, Wetzel’s Pretzels

Quantitative studies include:

  • IMG_7310CLT’s
  • In-store interviews
  • Pre-recruits
  • Intercepts
  • HUT’s





Translation Services



If you need a screener, questionnaire, concepts, or transcriptions to be translated into Spanish, just ask us. We use word referencing in order to maintain the meaning of words in English and Spanish to ensure accurate translation and respondent comprehension. Translations are provided with a quick turn-around.

habla espanol                                          



Field Management



Field Management


Latin Facts Research has partners in major Hispanic markets in the USA and in Latin America. We work close with our partners to assure accurate data and quality service. One call to LFR will set the process into action. LFR will be responsible for:

  • Booking the markets
  • Briefing staff on project
  • Distribution of materials
  • Obtaining reports
  • Client communications